He’s given him Twitter advice, told Prince Harry to go out on the town with him, and regularly texts him using three different phones.

But now Ed Sheeran has taken his bromance with Shane Warne a step further – by getting his own Warnie-shaped bong.

Online retailer of Cannabis-related products Gatorbeug on Monday posted a photo of the flame-haired crooner unwrapping the product.

Yeah so Ed Sheeran somehow got a Shane Warne bong, the company wrote in the caption on its official Instagram page.

The 25-year-old is seen with a slightly sheepish expression on his face holding the bong, having just opened a box that it had been sent to him in.

It was not clear whether Sheeran had ordered it himself or if someone who knew of the unbreakable bond between the two larger than life entertainers had sent it.

The hand-made smoking device – which can be used as a bong or alternatively would look great on a bookshelf – was molded in the image of the legendary spin bowler and boasts details dark shades and 24 carat gold Nike earrings.

Warnie and Sheeran have been best buddies since they went out in Melbourne with mutual friends after a Kylie Minogue concert.

I really like him, he’s a hero, Sheeran said when recounting the night they met in a radio interview. I have three phones and he texts all three of them.

The bromance continued last March when the singer went to the Cricket World Cup final where Warne was commentating and was presented with a signed bat and customised Australian team shirt bearing Sheeran’s name.

Warne donned a sports cap as he presented the wood, which advised Ed to keep spinning and was signed Your friend, Shane Warne.

A few weeks later Sheeran returned the favour by in an interview with Sunrise encouraging Prince Harry to have a night out with the King of Spin while he was touring Australia.

I reckon Prince Harry should go out with Shane Warne, he’ll enjoy that, he said.

But the redhead is not adverse to jokes at his mate’s expense, giving him some mock advise on his infamous Tinder dating habits.

All those places have Tinder, be careful son, he said in reference to Warne’s heavy U.S. tour schedule last year.

Sheeran has been laying low the past five months after declaring a career and social media time out to travel the world and see friends.

He is currently in Australia with girlfriend Cherry Seaborn and was on Sunday dining with her and some friends at Icebergs Dining Room in Bondi.


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Ryan Tedder has shared the secrets of his recording sessions with Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Adele.

The OneRepublic frontman joined Nick Grimshaw to premiere his band’s new single Wherever I Go on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and chat about his recent collaborations.

He revealed he has a “revolving door” policy in hotel rooms, with huge stars visiting to record future hits.

Harry and Ed are two stars he worked with on a recent London visit.
“Last time I was in London I had this thing set up at the Corinthia Hotel, it was amazing,” Ryan told Nick Grimshaw.

“I had Ed Sheeran in there, we were writing for him, Harry Styles came through. It was this revolving door and everyone I had in there, I thought, ‘I prefer this to working in a studio.’

“For the same amount of money that you’re going to spend on a studio – and they’re expensive – if you take the same currency and find a totally crazy hotel room with a great view of London, you’re going to get more inspiration.”

Ryan has penned smash hits for the likes of Ellie Goulding, Beyonce, Maroon 5 and Ariana Grande but claims he has a special friendship with Ed Sheeran – who he is yet to release music with.
“He got my number from another producer, like two years ago, we started trading texts and next thing you know – we’re playing with him at Wembley,” says Ryan.

“With Taylor Swift it was the same way, the artists come in and out of your life and some of them you become friends with, even when you’re not working.”

Ryan also revealed how he tests his own new music on his collaborators, as he believe the best artists struggle to hide their true feelings.

“When we were finishing the Adele album, she played me a bunch of the album and I played her a couple of of our songs and it was the same with Ed,” he says.

“I’d get the temperature from another artist and they can’t lie, really good artists cannot lie, you can read it all over their faces when they’re not into something.

“With Adele, she’s amazing. If she likes something enough she’ll say ‘who’s singing that? I’ll cut it now, I’d sing that.'”


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