Ed-Sheeran.org is for adoption with the whole content. If you wish to adopt this fansite, fill in an application form here and send us examples of your work/websites. Thank you.

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Hello, everyone. As you can see, I haven’t updated in a while but that doesn’t mean I am not interested in keeping up with Ed anymore.

I am looking for at least one other co-admin with experience in WordPress and Coppermine. Apart from that, the only requirements are fluency in the English language and a minimum amount of free time so as to keep the website updated with the latest news. One weekly post is all I ask for.

Why? I had thought that with Ed’s hiatus it would be easy enough to update the gallery with pictures from August 2015 – February 2016 and expand the website’s content, which has always been my favourite part. As proven by just some days of adopting this website, there have been sightings and novelties about Ed and it has become impossible for me to cope with everything.

With someone willing to keep the website updated, I will be able to make more additions to the gallery and expand the pages so this truly becomes everyone’s go-to fansite on Ed.

If you are interested, please send an email to my personal address, admin@dylanfosket.org or tweet me at edsheeran_org so we can talk.


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Hello, everyone. I am the new admin of Ed Sheeran Dot Org. I have known this website for a while, maybe since its opening, as I was one of its affiliates. I have always marvelled at the way Gemma and Naomi built this website, caring for textual content as well as for visual content, in a way that is not much used. Then, when Kiera took over last Summer, I thought the website was also in good hands. It was with sadness that I found Ed Sheeran Dot Org on the adoptions list. Being a fourth girl who is also in love with Ed myself, I have decided to adopt it.

Now, it is known Ed is taking a break from social media and the global village and working on his third album at the same time, and of course that means updates shouldn’t come so frequently. However, there is always work to be done at a website and that is what I intend to do: to expand, as well as I can, the work done by Gemma, Naomi and Kiera; to upload pictures from August last year to around February this year; to improve sections like the icons archive or the media. Besides, there are reviews, chronicles, curiosities, and other odd textual pieces being published constantly and it is interesting to have them archived.

Let’s make sure Ed will have a great reception when he comes back!

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Hello Sheerios!
My name is Kiera and I’m the new owner of Ed-Sheeran.org. I am so excited to takeover as I am a huge Ed Sheeran fan! I’ve been a fan of his since the release of his first album. I’m truly honoured to be able to run this site not just for Ed Sheeran but for the other Sheerios out there.

Gemma & Naomi did a wonderful job on this site and hopefully I can keep it up. Throughout the week, I will be updating the photo gallery with the latest photos that have been taken of Ed Sheeran since the hiatus of the site. So keep an eye out for those!

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As you can see, we have a brand new theme on Ed-Sheeran.org. I hope you like it as much as we do, it’s a much fresher look than the previous darker design. A new gallery theme will also follow over the next few days so keep an eye out for that. We also have a TON of HQ images still to upload so keep checking back for those updates aswell. We still have quite abit of work to do behind the scenes so even if we aren’t posting as much, we are updating other sections of the site to get completely up to date with all things Ed.

Please also don’t forget to follow us on our Twitter & Facebook pages and help us spread the word to all Ed fans around the world.

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to your newest online source for everything about Ed Sheeran. We will be providing you the latest news, pictures, etc. on Ed. I hope you all enjoy the site and please come back daily. If there are any questions, remarks, etc., feel free to contact us.

Naomi & Gem

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