STONE the flamin’ crows! Ed Sheeran has confirmed his love of Australia with a guest spot on our iconic soap Home and Away.

The British singer-songwriter supremo starred as himself in a scene with the beloved Marilyn, played by Emily Symons, on Summer Bay’s Palm Beach set.
He then flew by seaplane and headed to the show’s inner-city studios to finish his role which will air later this year.

Sheeran, who is in the middle of his sold-out national tour, said he wasn’t necessarily a massive fan of the show but has enjoyed a love affair with Australia since his debut single The A-team was released in 2011.

He is the only international superstar to appear on Home and Away and the biggest musician since John Farnham in the late 1980s.

Sheeran does share a vicarious connection with the long-running serial drama having hired one of its former stars Isabel Lucas to appear in his Give Me Love video.

“It’s an Australian institution. It’s always on in my local chip shop,” he said.
“I got asked to do it and it sounded like it could be fun.
“I did Shortland Street in New Zealand as well and I’m sure in Emmerdale or EastEnders ever ask me in England I would do that as well.
“I have got a point where I really, really don’t care what people think so I’m doing stuff because I enjoy it now rather than because it might be cool. I am just in it for fun.”

While he enjoyed his day on set, Sheeran isn’t using his soap cameos to make a bid for Hollywood.
Firstly, he believes his extensive tattoos would rule him out on most acting opportunities. And secondly, he is enjoying his musical success.

“This is as about as big as it gets as an artist, unless you get to Adele levels,” he said.
“With acting, I would have to start at the bottom again and I wouldn’t be comfortable being s … at something, I would have to learn.
“I’m playing myself so I don’t know if I have to do an Oscar-winning performance. I don’t think I’m a natural actor, I think I’m a natural me.”

Sheeran, who announced he has formed his own record label Gingerbread to support aspiring singer songwriters, said Australia and Ireland are his strongest markets in the world.
His X album has been in the ARIA charts for 40 weeks and sold more than 300,000 copies.
He credits his regular visits here — he was in Australia for the AFL Grand Final in October — for building his loyal fanbase.

“I think the key is just to keep coming back. That’s what Pink did and I just assumed everyone came here as much as I did,” he said.
“You are expected to be a star in America whereas here I think you are expected to be a bloke. That’s the difference.”

Ed Sheeran will play three shows in Sydney and film a guest spot on The Voice before heading to Melbourne on the weekend.


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