Pete Clemons of Coventry Telegraph attempts to document Ed Sheeran’s involvement with Coventry. The following is an abridged version of the article which was posted two days ago, in order to make it more about Ed.

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Ed Sheeran made the most of his fleeting trip to New Zealand, last week enjoying an afternoon at Queenstown’s popular Shotover Canyon Swing – apparently in the company of Peter Jackson’s daughter.

The adventure company shared a series of photos of Sheeran enjoying a swing with a young mystery brunette, who appears to be 20-year-old actor Katie Jackson, daughter of Sir Peter and his partner Fran Walsh.

“So… Ed Sheeran came to play in our playground last week!! Challenging himself to both the Canyon Fox and Canyon Swing. Come back anytime Ed!!!” Shotover Canyon shared on their Facebook Page on Tuesday afternoon [today}.

Sheeran‘s smash hit I See Fire featured in Jackson’s 2013 film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

At the time, Jackson reportedly credited his daughter Katie for introducing him to Sheeran after attending one of his shows together, in March of 2013.

“[Katie] said that I just had to listen to him,” Jackson said during a fan event at the time. “That he could be the perfect fit for the end of the film… and she was right.”

Following the film’s release, Jackson reportedly gifted Sheeran with an original prop from the film – a sword.

“[Sir Peter Jackson] took us out for dinner, gave me a sword, which was cool,” said Sheeran at the time.

“It’s a real sword, it was one of the props [from The Hobbit]… I gave him a guitar. Well, I gave his daughter [Katie] a guitar.”

Katie Jackson, an actress, is believed to be based in Wellington.

Sheeran‘s New Zealand record label has been approached for comment, while a representative for Sir Peter Jackson said he had no comment to make.

Sheeran reportedly spent the entire week in Queenstown, last Wednesday opting to permanently brand himself with a souvenir.


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Queenstown has left a life-time mark on Ed Sheeran after he got a tattoo and a green stone carving from a local artist while taking a break in the resort.

White Tiger Tattoo artist Scott Mcfarlane​, said he respected celebrity’s privacy and would not reveal Sheeran’s newest tattoo design, but said it took three hours.

Mcfarlane, who tattooed Sheeran on Wednesday night, described the pop-star as a “humble, appreciative and a very thankful guy”.

Mcfarlane said Sheeran was planning to reveal his tattoo with fans once he was done travelling the world and was back on social media.

The tattoo artist said he treated Sheeran the same as he would any other customer.

“He was watching his PC while I tattooed him and and sang along to the radio. Those weren’t his songs though,” he said

The hardest part was to get Sheeran to the studio without “haunting and screaming girls” surrounding the shop, Mcfarlane said.

The two artists met up for lunch on Monday and discussed tattoo details and a green stone carving idea, which ended up being a whale tail.

“I did the carving throughout the week and presented it to him on Friday,” Mcfarlane said.

Mcfarlane said it was “really cool” how the celebrity appreciated New Zealand culture. Sheeran also had a three-year-old tattoo of a kiwi bird under his arm.

Mcfarlane waited till Sheeran left New Zealand on Monday to post up the photos with him on Facebook.

“I respected the fact that he wanted to have some quiet time without any hustle,” he said.

Sheeran said he loved Queenstown and his next destinations were Australia and Japan, Mcfarlane said.

This was not a first celebrity visit for a White Tiger Tattoo studio, five years ago shop owner Greg Burt tattooed Peter Jackson.

Sheeran spent a week in Queenstown and was spotted at bars and restaurants on Monday night.

On his social media accounts in December Sheeran said he would be taking a break from his phone and social media while travelling the world.


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Ed is thrice nominated at the Billboard Music Awards in the following categories: Top Male Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album and Top Radio Songs Artist. Now we wait for May 22nd and keep our fingers crossed.


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Ryan Tedder has shared the secrets of his recording sessions with Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Adele.

The OneRepublic frontman joined Nick Grimshaw to premiere his band’s new single Wherever I Go on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and chat about his recent collaborations.

He revealed he has a “revolving door” policy in hotel rooms, with huge stars visiting to record future hits.

Harry and Ed are two stars he worked with on a recent London visit.
“Last time I was in London I had this thing set up at the Corinthia Hotel, it was amazing,” Ryan told Nick Grimshaw.

“I had Ed Sheeran in there, we were writing for him, Harry Styles came through. It was this revolving door and everyone I had in there, I thought, ‘I prefer this to working in a studio.’

“For the same amount of money that you’re going to spend on a studio – and they’re expensive – if you take the same currency and find a totally crazy hotel room with a great view of London, you’re going to get more inspiration.”

Ryan has penned smash hits for the likes of Ellie Goulding, Beyonce, Maroon 5 and Ariana Grande but claims he has a special friendship with Ed Sheeran – who he is yet to release music with.
“He got my number from another producer, like two years ago, we started trading texts and next thing you know – we’re playing with him at Wembley,” says Ryan.

“With Taylor Swift it was the same way, the artists come in and out of your life and some of them you become friends with, even when you’re not working.”

Ryan also revealed how he tests his own new music on his collaborators, as he believe the best artists struggle to hide their true feelings.

“When we were finishing the Adele album, she played me a bunch of the album and I played her a couple of of our songs and it was the same with Ed,” he says.

“I’d get the temperature from another artist and they can’t lie, really good artists cannot lie, you can read it all over their faces when they’re not into something.

“With Adele, she’s amazing. If she likes something enough she’ll say ‘who’s singing that? I’ll cut it now, I’d sing that.'”


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Hello, everyone. I am the new admin of Ed Sheeran Dot Org. I have known this website for a while, maybe since its opening, as I was one of its affiliates. I have always marvelled at the way Gemma and Naomi built this website, caring for textual content as well as for visual content, in a way that is not much used. Then, when Kiera took over last Summer, I thought the website was also in good hands. It was with sadness that I found Ed Sheeran Dot Org on the adoptions list. Being a fourth girl who is also in love with Ed myself, I have decided to adopt it.

Now, it is known Ed is taking a break from social media and the global village and working on his third album at the same time, and of course that means updates shouldn’t come so frequently. However, there is always work to be done at a website and that is what I intend to do: to expand, as well as I can, the work done by Gemma, Naomi and Kiera; to upload pictures from August last year to around February this year; to improve sections like the icons archive or the media. Besides, there are reviews, chronicles, curiosities, and other odd textual pieces being published constantly and it is interesting to have them archived.

Let’s make sure Ed will have a great reception when he comes back!

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A collaboration between The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran has leaked online. The song Dark Times is featured on The Weeknd‘s upcoming album,’Beauty Behind The Madness’, that is set to release on August 28, 2015. The pair meet in Toronto, at The Weeknd‘s house where the pair decided to write a song together.

The song starts of with Ed Sheeran singing the first verse and chorus. The Weeknd then sings the second verse and chorus. The both then sing the bridge and the third chorus.

Take a listen below.

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