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My name is Kiera and I’m the new owner of Ed-Sheeran.org. I am so excited to takeover as I am a huge Ed Sheeran fan! I’ve been a fan of his since the release of his first album. I’m truly honoured to be able to run this site not just for Ed Sheeran but for the other Sheerios out there.

Gemma & Naomi did a wonderful job on this site and hopefully I can keep it up. Throughout the week, I will be updating the photo gallery with the latest photos that have been taken of Ed Sheeran since the hiatus of the site. So keep an eye out for those!

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Ed Sheeran has set a new chart record as his single Thinking Out Loud has become the first ever to spend a full year inside the UK Top 40.

It entered at number 26 last June and finished at number 28 this week. Sheeran can thank the ballad’s enduring popularity on streaming services, where it was the 19th most-played track of last week. Thinking Out Loud has now achieved a combined sales and streams total of 1.65 million. The track also holds the title for the longest climb ever to the top spot as it took 19 weeks to get to number one after its release.

Other songs that have come close to Sheeran’s record in recent years include John Legend’s All Of Me that managed spent 44 consecutive weeks and Pharrell Williams’ Happy that lasted 49 consecutive weeks in the Top 40.

Other songs have had longer non-consecutive runs, notably Frank Sinatra’s My Way, which spent 75 weeks in the Top 40 between April 1969 and September 1971.

Thinking Out Loud is taken from his album X, that has also now logged a full year in the UK album chart top 10. The album has spent 12 non-consecutive weeks at number one and is at number five this week. X has sold 2.23 million to date and is currently the fifth best-selling album of the decade.

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Ed Sheeran is tops with Canadians after he picked up the best international artist prize at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto on Sunday night.

The red-headed U.K. singer, who appeared at the MMVAs for his fourth straight year and his first as host, was also named the most buzzworthy international artist. “This is my fourth year and I’ve never won one. I feel like it’s just because I’m presenting,” Sheeran said while accepting the trophy for best international artist.

On the giant Toronto stage, Sheeran sang “Photograph,” a single from his x album, accompanied by a string quartet and pulsating drumming. He returned to help wind up the MMVAs by performing his romantic ballad “Thinking Out Loud.”

Source: Billboard

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If you needed a reason to love Ed Sheeran even more than you already do, then we just gave it to you.

The Thinking Out Loud singer officially became even more adorable while hosting the Much Music video awards in Canada, after being joined by a very cute cat.

The feline guest initially made its appearance as Ed shared the stage with Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland, who appeared thrilled by the kitty’s arrival.

‘Is this for me? I thought it was for me?’ she exclaimed – but unfortunately the cat, who appeared unphased by all the attention, was destined to remain in Ed’s arms for its moment in the spotlight.

Meanwhile, it made a reappearance later in the show courtesy of Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz – with Sheeran taking the opportunity to crack the inevitable double entender as he told the guitarist: ‘I love this pussy, it’s amazing.’
Ed seemed to be enjoying himself immensely as host of the event – which also saw him sharing the stage with model Gigi Hadid – and he didn’t do too badly from it either, picking up two awards, for best international artist and most buzzworthy international artist.

However Canadian artist The Weeknd was the big winner of the night, winning four prizes including best pop video for Earned It and video of the year for the track Often.

For those who didn’t have the chance to watch, meanwhile, YouTuber IHaveTooManyYTs has compiled all of Ed’s best bits – cat included – in to this nine-minute montage:

Source: Metro

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Ed made a young girl’s LIFE when he heard her singing ‘Thinking Out Loud’ in a shopping centre – and joined in!

Ed Sheeran definitely knows how to make his fans happy – and he pretty much made one young fan’s life when he joined her for an impromptu duet last weekend.

Ed was shopping with the boys from Rixton who are supporting him on his ‘x’ World Tour in Canada, when he heard a fan singing his song ‘Thinking Out Loud’ in the mall.

13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau was performing Ed’s hit in a fundraiser for her music school which was being held at a shopping centre when Ed himself walked past and decided to join her on stage.

When Ed hopped up on stage with her, Sydney first thought it was someone coming to fix her microphone, and didn’t know whether to keep singing or to talk to him.

She told the Edmondton Journal, “I was like, should I stop? I didn’t want to stop, but I wanted to talk to him. This is, like, the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I was so happy that he did that, it was incredible.”

But like a true pro, Sydney embraced her duet with one of the biggest music stars of the moment without missing a beat – luckiest girl ever?

Source: Capital FM

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Ed Sheeran performs live at Rexall Place in Edmonton on Sunday, June 14, 2015.

Next to Dave Grohl’s fall off a stage (then playing with a broken leg) and 5 Seconds of Summer’s pyrotechnics failure, Ed Sheeran’s sold-out show at Rexall Place was a dud when it came to spectacular concert mishaps.

Everyone’s favourite Ordinary Guy from England, dressed in black jeans and a plaid shirt, managed to make it through his 105-minute acoustic set with nary a bump or scrape — though some of his 13,500 fans might be hoarse on Monday morning.

“I’m expecting big things from you — dancing, singing, clapping,” the hip-pop star told Sunday night’s crowd, ranging from groups of girls, to families and couples. They happily complied — even the 40 per cent of the men in attendance — adding their voices to song such as Lego House, One and a touching ode to love over the years, Thinking Out Loud.

Sheeran also delivered big things — with only his soulful voice, breakneck rhymes, a few acoustic guitars and looping pedals, which allowed him to record and layer his own backing vocals, riffs and percussion in the form of tapping the front of his guitar.

“I got my first complaint — at a show in Winnipeg,” he revealed. “A couple said: ‘He was playing to a backing track.’ There is no backing track. There is no band.”

Indeed, there was only Sheeran on the huge stage at Rexall Place — and a few TV screens, featuring more images of the pop star, weird glittery blobs, and skateboarders. Take that, Kanye.

Sheeran’s virtuosity isn’t the only reason for his success. He’s a nice guy who loves his fans and loves to surprise them — as he did when he dropped in on a showcase of aspiring singers at West Edmonton Mall before his Rexall show.

Plus, many of Sheeran’s songs, particularly those from his second and latest album, X, contain reminders of other artists or tunes, making it easier for fans to fall in love with him. We crave familiarity, whether we want to admit it or not.

Not only did he name-drop Stevie Wonder in Nina, for example, Sheeran segued into the soul legend’s Superstition, then Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine, while performing one of X’s bonus tunes, Take It Back, a frenetic rap number about his own struggles. (Later on, Sheeran also played Wonder’s I Was Made To Love Her.)

There was also a sameness to some of Sheeran’s songs — such as Don’t, Nina and Bloodstream, which employed either the same strumming patterns, vocal cadences, or “Mmmms” — but this familiarity only made it easier for fans to sing along.

Then, there was the intro to Sheeran’s encore, Sing, which sounded like the theme to HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, while the chorus was reminiscent of the chaos of MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This, augmented by the “Oooohs” ascending and descending throughout the arena. (What sounded like the pings of the building’s alarm also provided extra oomph.)

No one can touch Sheeran when it comes to warmth, friendliness and pouring his heart into every show — well, except for his ol’ buddy Taylor Swift.

Source: Edmonton Journal

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Ed Sheeran is cool with his uncool childhood – “Embrace Your Weirdness”

“Having things that make you different help you become an interesting person,” he told The Hollywood Reporter before being honored at the American Institute for Stuttering’s Freeing Voices Changing Lives Benefit Gala on Monday. “Most of the people I knew that were normal in school are all pretty dull right now — they go to the gym four times a week and look at themselves in the mirror a lot, but they don’t really have a lot to say.… Most of the people that are successful started life off as a weird kid with no friends.”

The musician was commended at the New York City fundraiser for his openness about overcoming his stutter, an oft-shamed disorder that Emily Blunt also conquered when a teacher first suggested she try out for a school play. “It can be mistaken for a learning disability, an anxious sensibility or a weakness,” the actress, emceeing the evening in an Elisabetta Franchi jumpsuit, told THR. “It’s not true to your real character; it’s just that you’re limited in your ability to speak.… I wanted people to understand that it wasn’t that I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to say or who I wanted to be.”

In his speech, Sheeran proudly noted his childhood’s rougher edges. “I was a very, very weird child. I had a port-wine stain birthmark on my face that I got lasered off when I was very young; one day, they forgot to put the anesthetic on, and ever since then, I had a stutter. I also had very big, blue NHS glasses — NHS is the National Health Service, one day I hope you’ll have the same! And I lacked an eardrum on one side of my ear, so stuttering was actually the least of my problems!”

“But it was still quite a difficult thing. The thing I found most difficult was knowing what to say but not really being able to express it the right way,” he continued. Though speech therapy and homeopathy didn’t work, rap music became an effective remedy. “My Uncle Jim told my dad that Eminem was the next Bob Dylan — it’s pretty similar, it’s all just storytelling — so my dad bought me The Marshall Mathers LP when I was nine years old, not knowing what was on it. I learned every word of it, back to front, by the time I was ten. He raps very fast and melodically and percussively, and it helped me get rid of the stutter.”

“Stuttering is not a thing you have to be worried about at all. Even if you have quirks and weirdness, you shouldn’t be worried about that,” he told the younger attendees. “The people I went to school with that were the most normal and were the coolest when we grew up — I was telling Emily earlier that one of the cool kids from school now does my plumbing! That’s a fact!”

“I wanted to not necessarily to shed light on stuttering or make it a thing, but stress to kids in general to just be yourself, because there’s no one in the world that can be a better you than you,” he continued onstage at the The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers. “If you try to be the cool kid in class, you’ll end up very boring and doing plumbing for someone who apparently wasn’t that cool. Be yourself. Embrace your quirks. Being weird is a wonderful thing.… I have a f—ing football team now, that’s pretty cool!”

“Embrace your weirdness,” he concluded. “From a stuttering point of view, don’t treat it as an issue. Work through it and get the treatment you want to get, but don’t ever see it as a plight on your life. Carry on pushing forward.”

Sheeran spoke after remarks from previous honoree Vice President Joe Biden (via video) and gala co-chair and Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank. He didn’t realize he was being honored until an hour before the event — plenty of time for the musician and Blunt to meet and grow chummy, to the point where he called her “not quite a cougar” on the red carpet and she jokingly told the audience that he was a “son of a bitch.”

He ended the evening by performing “Thinking Out Loud,” and when the audience asked for more, he donated $20,000 more to the institute — “I didn’t actually realize how drunk I was until I stepped onstage!” he admitted — and sang his now-signature “Don’t/Loyal/No Diggity” mash-up and Irish traditional song “The Parting Glass.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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